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2022 04 01
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"Spending $23,000 per second by nuclear weapons states on weapons that no one actually wants to use. "

Essay / Fabian Sommavilla, Der Standard

Welcome to the Museum 7.25328e11 - WE are the result of a decision that was decisive for the world. An event that happened years ago. A decision that made US what WE are now. A decision that allowed US to live together and find a common denominator that would serve the population and not just a few who were better off. It was a decision against the destructive and divisive mood in our society. WE cannot even imagine today that such ideas existed at all. Unfortunately it belongs to our history nevertheless - from "Gadget", Hiroshima and Nagasaki until today.

WE are talking about war in general. Our center was named after the annual expenditure on nuclear weapons.

23,000 $ per second
1.380.000 $ per minute
82.800.000 $ per hour
1.987.200.000 $ per day
725,328,000,000 $ per year

These were the totals spent by states on nuclear weapons in 2022. Spending on weapons that were never used, but only built to be possessed. The nuclear powers of the USA, Russia, France, China, Great Britain, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea wasted more than twice the average income of a person living on earth in one second.

When the rulers of the nuclear powers and the rest of the power structures on Earth finally realized that the problems could not be solved through conflict, but only by working together, they came to their senses. All nuclear weapons were dismantled and brought to this place and sealed - as well as the deposition and further processing of the nuclear waste. Created the repository for 1 million years after all states searched. As we walk through the museum, WE circle around The Center - which contains one of the darkest pages of OUR history.

The construction of this museum started after the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was renewed and implemented - with which all nuclear weapons were finally banned - this time, without the possibility to withdraw from it. At the beginning, no one wanted to believe that this step would lead to more peaceful times for US. The patriarchal structures, the desire for power, ... all that still existed and nobody wanted to trust that no new autocrats or dictators would fight their way to the top.

However, through the distribution of the resources that were available since the abolition of nuclear weapons and that were available to people in general, it became clear, first to some, later to all, that envy and greed could not create a better world. Over the years, the money was given every second to another inhabitant of the Earth, who could use it in his own way. At first, even the better-off kept it for themselves, but gradually initiatives and places arose that sought a fair distribution. New urban structures, houses and facilities were created that benefited the common good.

For many, this was only the first step in opening their eyes. More and more people demanded that their governments abolish all weapons programs and military structures and give the money to the general public - which is why WE can live in a peaceful time today. WE the people have accomplished what seemed impossible for millennia.

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