Wilhelm Scheruebl Jr.







The illegal project

Urban space has its possibilities, each citizen uses them. The usage gets especially interesting when it comes to an unusual or illegal use of urban situations.



The image series deals with certain places or spaces in cities that we as passers-by often do not pay attention to or do not want to pay attention to. Their connection with drugs, homelessness or prostitution that can not be reconciled with the generally accepted concept of life, let most people simply look away. By collaging and changing these places in the photos, the view should be directed precisely to the things we want to banish or hide from our "perfect" world.


behind the scene

with Therese Leick

1st Prize 

Some locations are so highly renowned that their surroundings consequently lose their relevance, even though they carry an important history of their own. Being overshadowed by the main attraction, these neighbouring areas are mainly used as transitional spaces. As people move between these places, the spaces begin blurring in the background and get less and less noticed until they become non-places.

The modest intervention of angled mirrors restricts the view of the monument and renews the spectators point of interest. By redirecting the visitors’ perception towards the forgotten places around the monument, people are led to rethink their acknowledgement of the spaces “behind” the scene.


with Therese Leick

1st Prize 

Our daily rhytm passes in a 24 hour circulation, divided in 8 hours of capacity, 8 hours of socializing and 8 hours of regeneration. State to state, we are changing from being efficient, to enjoying our leasuretime, to regenerate ourselves for the next day.

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