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Recollect Space

Recollect Space focuses on people’s memories of their architectural surroundings. It connects places to stories and experiences which are shaped by remembered and retold architectural details. Specifically, the project refers to the memories of refugees who at the moment are not able to return to places they used to inhabit.

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A Utopia a Month
for GAT.ST
2022 - ongoing

Wilhelm Scherübl Jr. was invited by GAT.ST to write architectural utopias at monthly intervals, based on quotations from the current media landscape.

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Als die Tiere den Wald verließen

as TAB collective
Already in the cartoon series of the same name, released in 1993, attention is drawn to the problem of the destruction of our planet by man and machine. The extinction of their habitat forces the animals to strive for a far-away paradise and to accept great dangers. In it, parallels can be drawn to our present: We humans seal our own destiny by following trends and technologies while taking no account of our environment. As a way out, we are looking for new habitats, even in foreign galaxies.

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The illegal project

Urban space has its possibilities, each citizen uses them. The usage gets especially interesting when it comes to an unusual or illegal use of urban situations.



as TAB collective
“I still believe that the principle is that the law has to follow politics and not politics the law." Herbert Kickl - FPÖ 21.01.2019

In reference to an absurd statement by a right-wing politian, a room is created which reflects the conflict of it. A door, that does not comply with any norms. The entrance does not only depict this assertion, it also represents the politics of populism, nationalism and bigotry. On the inside “Europe”.

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