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2022 06 01
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"Villas for the end of the world"

Der Standard

The door opens, weighing sixteen tons. Today is the first visit. We enter the Museum of Fears, which is definitely not suitable for people whose fear is to be locked in confined spaces. These were likely at the mercy of the conditions outside the bunker, as were all those who could not afford to own one. In other words, most of society.

WE were all at the mercy of what the apocalypse had to offer - nuclear war, natural disasters, civil war. While the others swam in their pool and watched the world end through fake windows. The "view" was the important thing. How else could the others have witnessed the daily rhythm that was so important to their psyche? Or was it only voyeurism at the fate of those who were outside?

WE wonder how healthy this psyche really was? The others left millions of people to misfortune because they could afford to shelter and protect themselves. All the money used for their protection and well-being could have been used to save US and them. At least to save humanity from man-made disasters or to find common solutions for survival. They didn't care as much as those who held positions of power. The heads of the different governments were increasingly inciting hatred. They also felt safe and had no fear, after all they could hide in their bunkers or leave the earth.

So WE visit today the largest and most luxurious of these doomsday bunkers created at that time. Here the then "elite" entrenched themselves, at least those who had not yet left the planet and lived in a space colony. Those who immediately took shelter at the first reports because they believed the world would collapse. They had locked themselves in to watch the demise of the rest of humanity through their screens. Their plan was to stay in their holes until WE beat each other's brains in or died from the consequences of a catastrophe. According to their beliefs, this all happened while they sipped their cocktails in their homey four walls and dangled their feet in the water on the artificial beach. They waited and waited and waited ...

What the others did not know, however, was that the situation outside had developed in a completely different way than it had been experienced from the inside. It was a planned act of different groups that joined forces and created a situation virtually and in the media. The goal had been to make those who had the money or the power disappear from one day to the next.

A kind of cyber attack created together with actors, artists and programmers. The bunkers, social media and public institutions were hacked and socially programmed. Everything became fake news. Because of the great fears that the others had, they entrenched themselves in their places of safety. It was pure fiction fed into their bunkers for decades. Just as WE were led to believe by them that we were dependent on them. When the misery of money and power games was finally eliminated from the world, a new society with different values could form. In which not greed, hatred and envy ruled, but community and understanding. A society that lived in harmony. While artificial intelligence played images of an apocalyptic world to the rich in their bunkers and - through their fears - did not let them see the truth.

We now enter this room, which was closed for centuries and today is a testimony of these fears and arrogance. Everything seems preserved and from another time. Thus, time somehow stood still inside.


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