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2023 02 01
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"Putin’s sperm bank: Russia offers to freeze soldiers’ semen in case they die "

The Times

During the war, the nation realized how important it was to preserve the genetic material of its soldiers, primarily those who were willing to fight at the front lines. Their genes should be passed on to future generations, as they represent the heroes of the nation. To secure the survival of their nation and the future of their descendants, the government introduced a program to collect and store the sperm of their soldiers.

Over the years, the stored genetic material became a valuable asset in the nation. The government saw in the children born from this material the future of the population that is devoted to them, which made each birth carefully monitored. These children were considered the future of the nation and were therefore raised in a strict, controlled environment and trained to be perfect soldiers. They were trained in discipline, loyalty, and obedience to the motherland from an early age. The concept was a total success, and the nation shone again in full glory, thanks to a population that was loyal, strong, and obedient! They created a new generation that represented and embodied the nation.

The country existed in peace and unity, the entire population was happy, and everyone lived in peace.

Then something happened that no one expected. The influence on the new generation faded, and there were uprisings in different cities in the country. At first, it was believed that the soldier descendants began to question the motives of the government for preserving their genetic material and asserting their independence.

The government became nervous, knowing that the descendants of the sperm preservation program could become an uncontrollable power. After all, they were trained, raised, and born in all aspects to be perfect. Therefore, they issued measures to further control the nation and keep the future soldiers in check.

However, this only fueled the growing dissatisfaction among the descendants of the program and the rest of the population. They were frustrated by the lack of freedom and the oppression by the government, and a change was demanded. Rallies and protests were organized. And the once calm population became loud and toppled the rulers.

In the end, it was the descendants of the program to save the nation who brought about the downfall of the government that brought them forth. When the government was overthrown, however, peace returned rather abruptly. As everyone laid down their weapons and hugged and congratulated each other that freedom was now available for all, a voice was heard over all devices that could transmit sound. Televisions, speakers, phones, and radios played the same message:

"This is the top scientist of the program to save our nation speaking. My small team and I were the ones who altered the genes of the 'super soldiers' so that they would lead our nation into a happier future and overthrow the rulers who oppressed us for so long. If this message is playing, I will no longer be among the living. I wish everyone a good start in the new future and a peaceful coexistence."

* co-written translated and adjusted with ChatGPT

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