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2023 06 01
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" Earth-like Volcanic World with Potential for Liquid Water Discovered "


On a distant celestial body that WE call Novara, a portion of humanity had found a new home. Novara was a fascinating planet with diverse landscapes and an atmosphere that allowed humans to breathe. It seemed like the perfect place for the Earth's population to settle.

A group of pioneers set off for Novara to establish the first settlements. Over time, the population grew, and more and more people from Earth flocked to start a new life on this distant planet.

In the great cities of Novara, trade, art, and science flourished. People built impressive infrastructures, established schools and universities, and developed technologies that helped them make the most of their new home. Novara was a melting pot of cultures, where people of different backgrounds and abilities lived together and learned from one another.

However, despite the progress and harmony on Novara, there were also challenges. Governments and communities had to create mechanisms to regulate immigration and ensure that the population numbers remained sustainable and the planet's resources were not overwhelmed.

One of the largest cities on Novara was Alpharo, the arrival city for those entering the planet. Security checks were strict to ensure that only people with the necessary documents and resources were allowed to cross the border.

The entry procedure in Alpharo resembled that on Earth. Newcomers underwent comprehensive security checks to eliminate potential threats. Advanced scanning technologies verified people's identities and health conditions, helping prevent the spread of diseases and ensuring the safety of the existing population.

Although the checks could be time-consuming, the people on Novara recognized the necessity of these measures and supported them. However, they did not consider the situation on the old planet. The living conditions there became increasingly inhumane, leading to a decline in the population.

Due to the situation on Earth, a shadow trade for counterfeit documents emerged, and smuggling routes were created to escape the destroyed planet and reach the new, intact world. Despite the authorities' efforts, resourceful individuals consistently found loopholes and alternative routes to reach the planet.

Decades later, people looked at Novara and drew parallels to Earth a few centuries ago. Overpopulation, resource scarcity, and a deteriorating environment had become daily realities due to overpopulation, similar to Earth in the late 21st century. The search for a new habitable planet was underway, with Earth being considered irrelevant, as it was deemed destroyed and outdated. This was a true blessing for those who couldn't afford to escape.

Mass emigration transformed Earth back into a livable habitat. The beautiful part was that those who remained there, considered poor and lost, could benefit in a unique way from the planet, which was not possible anywhere else.


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