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2023 08 01
xxxx 08 01

Published on GAT.ST - read German Version here

" In a few years, there are supposed to be 300 flying taxis in Germany. "


Even in the midst of the traffic and dust, we recognize how dust particles swirl through the rows of cars. The windshield is getting covered more and more as we watch. Sunlight casts shadows of small clusters inside our vehicle. Small islands of sand and dust have formed while we stand here waiting. It feels like an hourglass accumulating more sand with each passing minute. There's not much to do except wait. Like many others, we are stuck here in the traffic and dust.

The sunlight is broken and reflected countless times by the facades, and it feels like being trapped in a melting pot. Enclosed between skyscrapers and countless other vehicles, people like us sit, waiting for the traffic to move. We feel trapped in a small, self-imposed prison. The air from the air conditioner blows towards us, and the more sand accumulates on the windshield, the warmer the continuous airflow through the vehicle becomes.

Like every day, we wonder why we are in this situation and why we subject ourselves to it every day. The combination of dust and red traffic lights creates an apocalyptic atmosphere, and we can't help but smile briefly. We reach for one of our devices and select the song "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC from a streaming service because it fits so well with the current situation. Although it feels like we're on our way to an apocalyptic party, it's just an ordinary workday.

At this moment, we hear a buzzing above us, and we lean forward to catch a glimpse of the reddish sky. Actually, we don't need to look up to know what awaits us. But the allure is still there; maybe we hope to catch a glimpse of the person being transported from A to B. However, these positive feelings quickly fade as we watch the flying taxi. Frustration wells up within us - bitter and intense. They not only ignore us in society but also constantly demonstrate their superiority by flaunting their privileges.

The air from the ventilation system becomes unbearable, and sweat drips from our foreheads. Negative thoughts about the super-rich swirl in our minds. They are the ones worsening the entire situation and making us believe that as a community, we bear the blame for the heat and deteriorating living conditions. Freedom seems to be a privilege reserved for the wealthy. While some refuse to give up any luxuries and destroy everything around us with flying taxis, private jets, yachts, and numerous villas, we are only disadvantaged and expected to sacrifice everything.

We wonder why capital has taken such a high priority in our society, even as we sit in our cars and observe the destruction of the world around us.

Despite it all, our original instinct persists: How fantastic it would be to hover above everyone else and escape this traffic!


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Kurz vor dem Kollaps
AC/DC - Highway to hell

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