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2023 10 01
xxxx 10 01

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" Can the climate be saved by darkening the sun? "


Yes, WE did it. It's 2 degrees cooler, but also 2 degrees darker - a chilling paradox that has plunged our world into darkness. The creeping dimming of the Earth has banished not only the light but also hope from our hearts.

The layer around the Earth had to be thickened again, as unstoppable warming continued relentlessly. These headlines have long become a sad routine for us, and when we open the newspaper, WE hardly feel any emotions. Sunlight has long disappeared, and WE move in a world of semi-darkness that firmly grips us. WE have stopped dreaming of a better future.

While WE read the remaining articles, just as trivial as the first headline, WE take a sip of our "Rise-Up" coffee to wash down the supplements we stuffed into our mouths earlier. These are our lifeline in a world shrouded in darkness. WE barely remember what the sun looked like, let alone how it burned on our skin. It's been so long since someone felt sunlight on their skin. Our once sun-kissed skin is now pale and translucent. Darkness has not only changed our skin but also our souls.

The elite above us lives in their secluded world, far removed from our concerns. Their decisions have left us trapped down here, while they bask in their luxury. They benefit from our toil while WE languish in darkness. WE have become prisoners of an unrelenting society controlled by the powerful.

When will something change, and WE no longer have to fight diseases, live in poor conditions, and maintain production just for their benefit? WE are restricted, and only for their well-being. The darkening of the planet hasn't really stopped the warming, but it allows them to continue living in luxury. WE have become second-class citizens who had to change and adapt, while they remained unchanged and lived as usual. The question that torments us is whether there will ever be redemption or if WE are condemned to remain in this bleak reality.


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