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2024 06 01
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"X now treats "cisgender" as an offensive term. "
Resident Advisor

One enters the room, and the air is filled with a mixture of testosterone, cigar smoke, whiskey, and toxic masculinity. Symbols of masculinity are everywhere, not just in the decor, but in the architecture itself. The architect drew inspiration from old masculine models that have shaped architectural discourse into the 21st century. White men, revered by all architecture schools: from Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe to Rem Koolhaas and BIG.dk. All of them white men who have been displaced by the woke movement, just as in all areas of society, which is why it was so important to create an architectural tribute to them here. This isn't just about phallic skyscrapers and masculine as well as feminine forms, but also about spaces that have created discomfort for non-cis-men in the urban context. This is also reflected. The niches and winding spaces seem as if one could be pulled into them at any moment by a masked person.

In these various corners and rooms of the club, the last of their kind sit and lounge around, a refuge for those who haven't been caught by the "virus" of woke culture and can still fully express their masculinity. Here they have created their safe space, isolated from feminists and queer people. These, in their opinion, are trying to blind the youth and turn them into transgender individuals. The danger of being drawn into the LGBTIQA+ spectrum supposedly lurks everywhere. But here, they defy all of that with their male posturing, conversations, and games.

A beam of light cuts through the smoke-filled air as one of the doors opens. A group of men enter the room, roaring. They lay down their fencing sabers and proceed to one of the billiard tables, onto which one of them is hoisted. His face is covered in blood from the match that was just fought. Half delirious from blood and adrenaline, he tries to say something but is interrupted by his own suppressed scream of pain as salt is rubbed into his wound. His masculinity is to remain visible to the world, with strength and willpower manifested on his face. They want to show that they are still men and proud of it. Once the blood dries and the spectacle is over, the group heads to the bar and toasts loudly to the event. Then they retreat to one of the niches, presumably to talk about the women they desire, who don't understand them and their kind.

In another of these booths, a group of young men discusses how they are being driven further into involuntary celibacy for the same reason. These man-hating feminists don't want them anymore. How is society supposed to continue if everyone is queer and no one has children anymore? And all those children who are still born are immediately brainwashed by drag and trans people and converted to the queer spectrum. Fortunately, the club's missionaries are out there offering a solution against the virus spread by the queer community. There are still pioneers in conversion therapy here, driving the "evil" out of people every day.

In the next booth, a group of old white men discusses the patriarchy and why it was and is the only way. Why does no one outside these walls understand that anymore? Haven't all the great leaders and thinkers advanced society so far! All the innovations and developments were only possible because of the great men of the past! What have women and queer people ever done for society?


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Crying boys club

Queer Archicture how AI would do it
(this does not reflect my Aesthetic of queer architecture)

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