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Project Residency Yogyakarta, IndonesiaImages used in the Videos are personal or by Zak Krevitt

The videos reflect the controversy between prejudice, media and the reality. Researching about Indonesia, showed strong drug laws, anti-homosexuality and a political and religiously strict country. As media usually works with stigmas, I did not take it too serious.

The warnings in the airplane while approaching the airport in Jakarta, telling the passengers that drug smuggling will be punished with the ultimate sentence - death, still were a bit concerning. Arriving in Yogyakarta - not being sentenced to death at the airport – the vivid life and culture of the city was stunning, this experience continued seeing various parts of the country.

Never the less I was also confronted with censorship and governmental restrictions. In the series of videos, I work with nude photography, and added a layer of censorship which reflects the political system the work was created in. Censoring the beauty of the human body with the beauty of the country and the experiences made there.

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