Wilhelm Scheruebl Jr.







a walk in the park

in collaboration with Julia Just

Digital Sound Installation in Mozilla Hubs

We have spent so much time in digital space that we often forget that there is a real world. Leaving a beautiful beach on Instagram is often more important than a day in the park. Our preferences move, we shut ourselves off and often forget what is real.

“A walk in the park” is an endless circle without beginning and end in which we
move. It contains abstract snippets of reality. But consumes and changes them.
Abstracted trees. Oversized human statues that seem to care about them. Sounds that remind us of a world that seems distant but reminds us of something that exists outside the digital world. The music builds up, gets louder and louder and occupies the space, also a bit threatening. Just like the digital threatens reality.

The work was created in collaboration with Julia Just.
Her work deals with field recordings which she then uses and distorts in her works.

Julia Just Bandcamp

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© Wilhelm Scherübl Jr.