Wilhelm Scheruebl Jr.







placed on hold
Auf Eis gelegt


with Therese Leick

A brightly lit object in the midst of the fairytale snowy landscape attracts the attention of the bypasser. In the next second it is already in the cloud and collects likes. Approaching the scene, a sculpture made of ice becomes visible. A frozen object flashes through it. The ice sculpture enclosing it, denies immediate access to the wrapped object. In contrast to our usual constant accessibility, the object of ice teaches us an exercise of patience. The slow melting releases the interior. Do you return or are you satisfied with a superficial view?

Ice as a material metaphorically reflects the short-lived nature of our media society. Its transience shows that we have no control over the further course of the information provided by us. After the dissolution of the ice, only a remnant of the 21st century and the traces left by our data on the Internet remain in the place of the sculpture.
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Concept, Object

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