Wilhelm Scheruebl Jr.







in collaboration with Efua Jarvis Essandoh

What can I do, when I witness a racist situation? How can one participate in changing todays society into a less racist or even an Anti-racist environment?

Due to the current situation, non-BIPOC people are trying to understand the circumstances Black, Indigenous or People of Colour are experiencing in their everyday life.

In order to partly understand, the Hubs Space is an attempt to simulate and reconstruct some chosen situations that have been experienced. They are demonstrated in an abstract way and serve to reenact and illustrate the situation. The visitors of the space thus become part of the event and should be confronted with what happens and how he or she would feel and react in this situation.

It is very important not only to prevent a racist environment, but also to feel the need to act and react.

The scenarios simulate everyday situations and are intended to function as a learning tool for young people.

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