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In this project, we delve into a dystopian scenario where a country grapples with a resurgence of soft drinks, leading to a severe public health crisis characterized by diabetes, obesity, and shortened lifespans. Government regulations prove futile as corporations actively promote and profit from sugary beverage consumption, especially targeting infants and children. This narrative underscores the stark contrast between dire health consequences and profit-driven marketing, culminating in the nation's inundation with unhealthy products.

A publication and various objects were crafted during a residency in Merida, Mexico.

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Recollect Space

Recollect Space focuses on people’s memories of their architectural surroundings. It connects places to stories and experiences which are shaped by remembered and retold architectural details. Specifically, the project refers to the memories of refugees who at the moment are not able to return to places they used to inhabit.

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Architectural Utopias
bimonthly published on

Wilhelm Scherübl Jr. was invited by GAT.ST to write architectural utopias at monthly intervals, based on quotations from the current media landscape.

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The Golden Age of Nothing

as TAB collective
with Falk Lennart Kremzow
The book, deals with Europe in 2015 - nationalist thoughts prevail and populism dominates the media.

Through fictional stories told by nineteen imaginary characters in newly created nation-states, a work is created that subtly highlights and points out the benefits of a European Union.

For a common Europe away from division.

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with Efua Jarvis Essandoh
What can I do, when I witness a racist situation? How can one participate in changing todays
society into a less racist or even an Anti-racist environment?

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